2020 Milakovich Memorial Tournament

July 18-19, 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 Milakovich Memorial Champions, Andy Borseth and Todd Roehm!

We would like to extend thanks to our participants, volunteers, staff, and Elk & Hound crew for making this year's event such a success.

Please have a safe and healthy 2020 and we look forward to seeing you all again next year, July 17th & 18th 2021.

Clutch putt by Roehm gives duo first title since 2003

By JASON JUNO sports@yourdailyglobe.com


IRONWOOD – Todd Roehm put his drive off the first tee of the first playoff hole at the Milakovich Memorial Tournament into the woods Sunday evening. Given new life as Jordan Barto’s eight-foot birdie putt to win hung on the lip, Roehm had a chance for redemption on the second hole. Putting himself in position for a birdie, the 20 to 25 putt’s descend down the hill on No. 14 seemed to take forever, but partner Andy Borseth knew it was going in when Roehm started walking towards the hole. The clutch putt on the par 4 hole with a crowd of golfers there to watch gave Borseth and Roehm their first Milakovich championship since 2003. “Andy watches me slap the ball all over here, but the one thing I can usually do OK is putt the ball,” Roehm said. “I knew it was going downhill, I knew it was going to go a little quicker. Just get her going in the right direction and hope it goes in.” Borseth of Ontonagon, and Roehm, once his neighbor and now living in Luck, Wisconsin, and the team of Barto and Chris Larson finished with 67s on Sunday to force the playoff. “I kind of hit it all over, I made a couple of birdies here and there, but he’s as solid as they come, best guy out here,” Roehm said of Borseth. It sure looked like the first playoff hole would be won by 2018 Milakovich champions Larson and Barto, who had the eight foot birdie to win it. “I was very nervous,” Borseth said. “Jordan had a great putt and he had a great putt at it,” Roehm said. “It just didn’t go.” “I thought he made it,” Borseth said. “I mean it was hanging on the lip.” Roehm came through with another chance. “I was a little down from the first hole. I left him hanging on the first hole,” he said. “In the regular round, Zac (Langdon) had that same putt early and we watched the ball roll down the hill. I told Andy when we walked down there, ‘I wish we would have watched Zac a little bit closer because I never thought we’d be standing on the green putting again.’ We just kind of looked at it together like we always do and I just said, ‘I’m going to make this thing.’” Borseth also hit the green close to the pin thanks to a great approach shot, but he didn’t have to attempt his putt after Roehm sunk his in the best ball tourney. “There’s no doubt he was going to make his,” Roehm said. Larson had put his tee shot into the woods. Barto also got on the green with a chance at a birdie, but his putt didn’t drop after Roehm made his. “It was fun, it was a good playoff,” said Gary Mariani of the Gogebic Country Club. “Those guys hit the ball a mile, it was unbelievable.” Barto is an Ironwood native who first won the tournament in 2015 with Simon Store and then won the tournament again in 2018 with Larson, a friend from Minneapolis where he now lives. Borseth and Roehm started golfing this tournament together in 1997, the summer after Roehm graduated from high school, before winning it in 2003. “It was kind of up in the air if we thought we could do it again. We’ve been close, but we had our doubts over the years,” Borseth said. “This is the Masters, best one of the year, we look forward to it every year.” Roehm was appreciative of the Gogebic Country Club for having the tournament; 196 golfers took part in the two-day event. Twelve teams qualified for the championship flight on Saturday. “In the times we’re in, it’s nice to be able to play and see the guys again,” he said. It wasn’t easy to get the tournament together. “Like so many other things this year, preparations for the Milakovich Memorial Tournament were challenging and stressful,” Jim Milakovich said. “The tourney relies upon many Country Club employees and tournament volunteers who work long hours to contribute to the success of the tourney and the enjoyment of the golfers who participate. Members of the Milakovich family greatly appreciate the extra effort many contributed.” Two-time Stanley Cup champion defenseman Shawn Chambers and Jack Wawro were third with a 68. Jay Milakovich and Simon Store and last year’s champions, Cody Langdon and Zak Langdon shot 69s. “I felt bad, Zak and Cody, they probably should have won it today,” Borseth said. “Every green they had a birdie putt, but nothing would drop. They played so good today.” Milakovich thanked Mariani, who coordinates the golfing portion of the tournament, the grounds crew, Chrissy Lahti and the Elk and Hound staff and the many volunteers.

Championship flight 1. Andy Borseth-Todd Roehm 67 (playoff winners), 2. Chris Larson-Jordan Barto 67, 3. Shawn Chambers-Jack Wawro 68, 4. Jay Milakovich-Simon Store 69, Cody Langdon-Zak Langdon 69, Kenny Basten-Jon Foucault 70, Jared Reid-Justin Reid 71, John Pierpont IV-Kollin Seiwerth 72, Chris Thomson-Riley Thomson 72, Nathan Thomson-Noah Thomson 73, Roman Tauer-Travis Tauer 73, Justin Borseth-John Houle 74.

First flight 1. Jeff Simpson-Paul Sintkowski 70, Jack Croci-Tim Steiger 70, 3. Brain Roehm-Ethan Roehm 70, Dave Vaara-Guy Vaara 70, Butch Barbera-Pete Barbera 72, Colin DiGiorgio-Scott Erickson 74, Blaine Sprague-Tom Talaska 75, Pat Pestka-Joe Strong 76.

Second flight 1. Andy Pierpont-John Pierpont 70, 2. Cory Wicklund-Jeremy Wicklund 71, 3. Blake ZadraCraig Zadra 71, Jacob AbramsonLarry Abramson 72, Jake Bilodeau-Tim Hartung 74, Jake Kavinsky-Ben Zielinski 75, Kip Damgard-Troy Damgard 78, Colin Ahlskog-Rod Kemppainen 80.

Third flight 1. Drew Bennetts-Kevin Gerovac 71, 2. Dennis KontnyEric Mahler 74, 3. Casey BartoBryan Nelson 75, John PierpontDeke Routheaux 75, Joe BrownJeff Haapoja 76, Cory OstermanOzzie Osterman 78, Cody MintoMike Minto 81, Willie DapontMatt Hagen 82.

Fourth flight 1. Dan Basom-Tony Lambert 73, 2. Sam Davey-Scott DeRosso 77, 3. Chris Colassaco-Gary Colassaco 77, John Mesich-Jim Usitalo 77, Drew Benson-John Koehler 80, Chris Everson-KeithEverson 80, Matt BessenRob Robinson 83, Mark Stemphiar-Robert Stemphiar 90.

Fifth flight 1. George Zorich-Tim Zorich 73, 2. Ryan MilsapAllen Sturgeon 75, 3. Mike Lutz-Jeff Rule 78, Brian Rigoni-Shad Swetkovich 79, Cliff Meldrum-Robert Miskovich 79, Mike Wiegand-Tony Matrella 80, Mark Movrich-Dan Pitrone 82, Tom Holappa-Mike Kirby 86.

Sixth flight 1. Todd Brauer Jr.-Matt Lindberg 73, 2. Dale Hongisto-Ron Saari 78, 3. Matt Pierpont-Austin Pierpont 81, Fred Behling-Mark Martini 81, Rick AlonenFrank Kurta 82, Paul Bernardin-Jeff Pavlovich 83, Dempsey ColassacoDoug Denk 86, Brad PotterRyan Potter 86.

Seventh flight 1. Jim Trcka-Guy Trier 77, 2. Jim Kahila-Nik Patrick 78, 3. Ed ChicoskiAlec Gulan 79, Dennis Hewitt-Ed Kuula 80, Pat Bulinski-Scott Wesenberg 81, John Huber-Scott Huber 84, Jim Sain-Chad Webster 84, Adam Pavlovich-Mike Pavlovich 86.

Eighth flight 1. Tony Gheller-Daulton Longhini 80, 2. Dave Corcoran-Will Corcoran 81, 3. Dave Sabol-Mark Sabol 81, Scott Sturgeon-Keith Stern 84, Rick Minkin-Jack Rigoni 84, Ken Larson-Scott Larson 88, Chris PavlovichTom Pavlovich 89, Tyler Krings-Joe Metcalf 92.

Ninth flight 1. Jack Fiamoncini-Chris Golembeski 81, 2. Adam Mackey-Dennis Mackey 81, 3. Jeff Justinak-Vince Justinak 84, Tony Pavlovich-Bill Prigge 85, Eric Haupt-Dave Nielsen 86, Neil BeckmanJeff Ramme 90, Jonah Carrol-Scott Libertoski 92, Gus Ahonen-Paul Jurakovich 93.

Tenth flight 1. Greg Brewer-Kim Tomczyk 85, 2. Dave Hjalmquist Jr.-Travis Yets 87, 3. Scott Buccanero-Gary Olkonen 87, Gerard Randall-Gerard M. Randall 88, Jack Hautala-Ron Longley 90, Al Lundquist-John Kolonko 93, Don BasomTodd Brauer 93, Jeff Hautala-Rick Sain 93.

Eleventh flight 1. Chuck Galian-Gene Korpi 85, 2. John PetranekKen Talaska 90, 3. Pat Gallinagh-Andy Hill 91, Irv Mattson-Walt Mattson 96, Jim Kuker-Brandon Makela 98, Brian Pavlovich-Pete Yon 102.


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Milakovich Memorial Golf Champions

2019 - Cody and Zak Langdon
2018 - Jordan Barto and Chris Larson
2017 - Justin Borseth and John Houle
2016 - Cody and Zak Langdon
2015 - Jordan Barto and Simon Store
2014 - Cody and Zak Langdon
2013 - Cody and Zak Langdon
2012 - Dave and Paul Vaara
2011 - Justin Borseth and John Houle
2010 - Dr. John W. Pierpont and John Pierpont IV
2009 - Justin Borseth and John Houle
2008 - Dave and Paul Vaara
2007 - George Boline and Scott Larson
2006 - Dan Floyd and John Hale
2005 - Ken and Tom Talaska
2004 - Jim Milakovich and Rusty Malovrh
2003 - Andy Borseth and Todd Roehm
2002 - Chris Thomson and Ray Atanasoff
2001 - Guy and Dave Vaara
2000 - Guy and Dave Vaara
1999 - Dan Floyd and John Hale
1998 - George Boline and Scott Larson
1997 - Frank and Craig Zadra
1996 - Frank and Craig Zadra
1995 - Guy and Dave Vaara
1994 - George Boline and Scott Larson
1993 - George Boline and Scott Larson
1992 - George Boline and Scott Larson
1991 - George Boline and Scott Larson
1990 - Dave and Greg Mariani
1989 - George Boline and Scott Larson
1988 - George Boline and Milo Larson
1987 - Brian Rigoni and Dennis Soderman
1986 - Frank and Craig Zadra
1985 - Brad Robeson and Gary Polakowski
1984 - Paul Guerin and Doug Ricketts
1983 - Jim Johnson and Jim Sulkanen
1982 - Joe Strong and Gary Polakowski

2019 Milakovich Memorial Tournament

July 20-21, 2019

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Pictured from left, are Justin Borseth, of Bruce Crossing, Mich., Jean Blazak, of Waterford, Mich, John Houle, of Green Bay, Wis., and Jim Milakovich from Ironwood

Pictured from left, are Justin Borseth, of Bruce Crossing, Mich., Jean Blazak, of Waterford, Mich, John Houle, of Green Bay, Wis., and Jim Milakovich from Ironwood